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"Worth Your Time To Leave The Beaten Path"

Jackie O"  Ruby Mtn 1304. Supreme Champion Ewe at N.A.I.L.E. 2014



Spring time is bring a change in the weather and new lambs.  Each lamb crop brings a new and exciting growth to our flock and genetics.  We are always using the bucks that we hope that add the next step in building our program.  

Check back often as we will be adding pictures of our sale entries for Reno and Sedalia.  We also welcome private sells at our place!

a bit of history

Ruby Mountain Sheep Co may be off the beaten path, but it will be well worth the trip.  We strive to make complete, big, sound sheep that has the style and pizazz to  work for people in the show ring and go home and breed on with the traits that they were bred for.  The stud rams in the flock have been mainly Peifer breeding that goes back to strong reliable George Brothers bloodlines.  We have worked hard to find ewe families that worked well with these rams with out giving up structure and size that they are noted for.  We would not use a ram that does not have a great mother that comes from a strong, predictable ewe family.  We sell mainly at  Reno, Midwest Stud Ram Sale, Louisville and private sales off the ranch.  Delivery is not a problem as trailers with reliable transporters travel back and forth where need be.  Thank you for your interest and know that we are more than just sheep with a pretty head, we breed sheep that are the complete package.